My Esthetic Journey

It started at 30,000 feet in the sky while I was working a flight. In one of my many former lives, I was a flight attendant. As a result of being overworked, my body was completely unbalanced, my sleep was irregular, my diet was horrible, my vitamin intake was dangerously low, I had chronic muscle pain, and my skin suffered. I was 21 years old. I have always had issues with anemia and menstrual pain. Every month (since the age of 9), I would get sick and have to call out of work or miss school to deal with uncontrollable fainting and vomiting. I was usually good about keeping track of my period, but this time, it snuck up on me like a thief in the night. I was fed up. I fought through the sickness, worked my flights for the day and immediately went to my hotel room to writhe in pain and research ways to change my life.

With the wonder that is the internet, I expanded my knowledge of natural health remedies, herbs, and wellness. I found out ways to improve my lifestyle and adjust to finding healthier options while I was out traveling. I learned basic food knowledge from documentaries like Forks Over Knives and Food Inc. The more I uncovered about the relationship between diet, self care, and beauty, the more interested I became in pursuing it as a career. I also began to heavily consider my future as a flight attendant. Was I willing to trade off my health for a lifestyle I wasn’t truly satisfied with? No. So, I took the steps to enroll in the esthetics program at Aveda Institute New York. I chose them because I felt their ayurvedic approach to skincare and company philosophy aligned the most with my interests.

Since completing the program almost 2 years ago, I expand my professional horizons by learning as much as I can from whomever I can at all times. This means attending lectures and hands on skincare courses. The best resource for that is The International Dermal Institute which offers courses in every major city. Also, subscribing to professional newsletters and publications is extremely helpful. They notify you of new technologies and methods related to your field. But the best teacher is always experience. Practice whatever your craft is on anyone who is willing to be your guinea pig. Try everything you can. Understand that nothing great was built in a day. Then go build!



Beauty Rest

I’ve been having trouble sleeping! I’m settling in to a new apartment so my new project is create an environment in my bedroom that promotes rest and knock out cold slumber. I don’t know about you but without 8-9 hours of sleep, I’m a wreck. My productivity goes down, my mood is crappy, and worst of all my skin suffers. The body does a lot of amazing things while we sleep like regenerate cells and produce hormones that help the body to perform. That’s why well rested people tend to  be healthier. 

That means that everything in my bedroom from the pillows to the air quality needs to be designed based on my body’s needs and personal preferences. Right now my most prized possession in my room is my Bionaire Air Purifier. Sleeping with air purifiers helps make your sleep healthier. It allows you to achieve a more meditative REM sleep and decreases the likelihood of illness. Other things such as aromatherapy, natural color schemes, and mattress firmness/softness can help increase the quality of your sleep. But the most important part of good beauty rest is being able to turn off your brain and tune out the world! Sweet Dreams ❤️


Who knows what this beauty symbol is called? 

I’ll give you a hint… it’s on every beauty product you own. 

It’s called a Period After Opening symbol. It appears on products to make consumers aware of how long the products are usable for. Basically, it’s an expiration date (in months). Beauty brands conduct many tests on products to help determine how long it will take for them to lose potency due to oxygen exposure or simply how long it takes for them to be so contaminated by germs that they should be disposed of. 

When purchasing things like face masques, I pay close attention to these because I want to be sure I will get a good amount of usage for my money. But since I am a fan of natural products, I usually have to settle for ones that have less than a 12 month period of usage. 

One cosmetic product you should make sure you are constantly replenishing is your mascara. I believe the typical period after opening symbol for mascara reads to replace it every 6 months, however, to best prevent the spread of bacteria and lower the risk of infection, mascara should be replaced every 3 months. 

With that being said, to achieve healthy skin and a flawless makeup application, make sure you are replenishing your skincare and makeup! 

Dear Meat Lovers,

Over the weekend I gave you guys a chance to submit questions to me so I could answer them here. I said they could be in regards to any beauty topics. Surprisingly, I did not receive one question about beauty lol. They were all in regards to my diet. People asked me what is it that I eat if I do not eat meat, how do I get nutrients, etc. 

Let me be the first to break the news to you: your body does not need meat to survive. If that’s the case then all the vegetarians and vegans would’ve dropped dead by now. Meat does not equal protein. Protein exist in everything. And it’s not healthy for your body to have too much protein. An overdose of protein can lead to brittle hair, bones, and dehydration. 

My diet is based on what I like (and what’s on sale at the supermarket). It is important to me to experiment with food to make it more fun and to be sure that I’m not eating the same things all the time. I love pasta and mexican food so I love to include lots of different spicy sauces in my meals. I also love love love potatoes so I usually incorporate them into my meals as much as possible. They help to fill me up and make me happy 🙂

Whether you are looking to transition into a plant based diet or not, I highly recommend picking up some Spirulina Powder. Spirulina is a fresh water blue-green algae plant that has amazing benefits for the body which include detoxing heavy metals, improving blood pressure, providing the body with energy, and helping with weight loss. Also (drum roll) it gives the body protein! 

Here are a few shots of some foods I’ve prepared. I’ve experimented with many things however these are the only pictures I’ve saved. If you have any questions about the recipes feel free to comment or reach out!

Nip, Tuck, or Suck

In the past few years, like many of its patrons, the plastic surgery industry has reinvented itself. It has gone from an industry of mystery and luxury to an industry of accessibility and popularity. Surgeons are being praised in everything from rap lyrics to Vogue magazines. It is no longer a business for the rich and famous but also for every day women who are willing to save for a few months or simply take out a personal loan. Some doctors offices even offer the option of credit! Anyone with three thousand dollars and a plane ticket can travel to the Dominican Republic and came back a whole new person.

This is a topic that I always find myself discussing with my peers in the beauty industry and with my clients (many of them have gone under the knife). I stand firm in my decision that I would never take part in it. I prefer to spend my money on things that help my inner growth as opposed to things that jiggle. I am not against the act of getting surgery, however I am against the trend of getting surgery. I am also mindful of how harmful the aesthetic that is being chased can be. 

It’s like when I get a client who has pencil thin brows because she spent most of the 90’s tweezing them at home. She comes in and asks me for brows like Cara Delevingne. I gently explain to her that Cara’s brows are full and lucious and made for Cara’s face, not hers. Usually after that we work to find the brow shape that compliments her face, eye shape, etc. 

Too many women are making their decision to go under the knife based upon the new, trendy body shape. In most cases, that silhouette is usually something found in the Kardashian family tree. I think it’s important you consider your own reasons for wanting the surgery, find what works for your frame, and choose according to your body type. Also, treat it as you would treat getting a tattoo and remember: good ones aren’t cheap and cheap ones aren’t good! 

Beauty Juice

Beautiful outsides come from beautiful insides. I’m not talking about character… even though that’s true too. I’m talking about clean organs and intestines. I’m talking about the powers of juicing! As hardworking, fast-living adults, we tend to forget to take in our appropriate servings of vegetables, vitamins, and fruits. My own way of providing these things for my body is by juicing. 

I like to try all kinds of different brands of natural juices as well as supporting local juice bars. Today, while at a small coffee shop in Queens, I tried a BluePrint juice. The key to juicing is to be honest with yourself about what your body needs as opposed to picking out what you think would be tasty. The best tip I can give for drinking undesirable juices is to keep a water on deck at all times! Also, keep in mind that the rewards of drinking your juices greatly outweigh the few minutes of discomfort. 

Drinking natural/organic fruits:

  • promote digestion
  • provides vitamins
  • cleans organs
  • gives skin a great glow!
  • fills you in between (healthy) meals
  • help boosts energy (great alternative to poisonous energy drinks)

Once Upon A Wash Day…

About a year ago, I cut my hair completely off. I’ve been addicted to the barber’s chair ever since! I feel my most beautiful and free when I am bald. Like there’s nothing I can’t accomplish with the wind on my scalp lol! Lately, I have fro goals. I would love to let my hair grow out but staying away for the clippers is soooo hard. Last month, I decided to try a protective style (box braids) to help me stay the course. Today, I took them out after a month of not washing my hair…

The 3 main product lines I use on my hair are Design EssentialsCarol’s Daughter (Monoi Line), and Eden Bodyworks. Design Essentials is my fav because I have dry, frizzy hair and it leaves it moisturized and defines my curls. Also, it smells amazing.

The important part of the process is the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. I do this after I shampoo (before I condition). Usually just once a month. It helps to clarify the scalp and balance the pH levels of the skin. Because yes, your scalp is skin. It also leaves the hair less porous which means it will be more inclined to lock in moisture when you condition it. It is a healthy alternative to using shampoos that will completely strip the hair of vital oils without giving anything back. 

Afterwards, I apply my conditioner and use a small amount of Aveda’s Beautifying Composition Oil to help seal in the product. When I rinse it out, my curls are nourished and my hair is like a cloud of perfection! ❤️ 

If you try the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, be sure to write me and let me know if you notice a difference in your scalp/hair health!