Sun Kissed Dreams

Spring has sprung! This means the days are longer and everyone is eager to go out and show some skin. All my clients, friends and loved ones are ranting about how badly they need a tan. Since I live for 80 degree weather and a nice pair of short shorts, I am too!
My best advice for protecting and preserving skin in the summer is WEAR SUNSCREEN/SPF!!! 
Being a black person, I grew up with the belief that my melanin protected me from things such as skin cancer. This eliminated any notion I might’ve had to purchase sun protection. It was not until I became an esthetician that I realized how real sun damage was. It was also around this time that I took my first trip to Costa Rica (the closest to the equator I had ever been). That heat kicked my ass! I walked around for the first few days trying to figure out why I had pain all over my back/shoulders. Naturally, my first thought was that I had Zika. I had no bug bites on my body so I concluded that the Zika must’ve entered my body by way of ingesting a mosquito in my sleep. I have a big imagination. But anyway, it was sunburn… and it sucked.

Due to changes in the environment (AKA global warming), the sun’s dangerous rays are becoming harsher which means sun protection is more important than ever. In addition to preventing possible basal cell carcinoma (small tumor-like clusters of cells) and melanoma (skin cancer) sun protection also helps to prevent premature aging. Although these skin irregularities are more common in caucasian skin, they are statistically more deadly in people of color due to the fact that they’re usually detected in the later stages.

So do right by your skin! Here is this lovely chart to help you find out what level of sun protection you need because you have a whole lot more summers to show off that beautiful skin! I am somewhere between light and medium according to the chart, however, I use Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Booster which is SPF 50 (because I can’t risk having any more Zika scares). For other great sun protection options, you can also head over to one of my staple skin care sites, Glow Recipe