Toes & Hoes: A Guide to Suckable Toes and Rubbable Feet


Genetics blessed me with good feet. When I say good, I’m strictly speaking about the look of them (because they are big). I often meet guys who claim they “don’t do feet” but as soon as we are in intimate positions, my feet somehow find themselves in these young mens’ mouths and hands. Foot play was never even my thing, but there is something about having your partner love on all your parts that makes you (or just me) feel cared for and a little empowered. So if you’re trying to get your man or women or gender fluid bae to slob on your toes, here are some of my fav products and tips to preserve your feet and keep them kissable even in the colder months!

1. Baths! Baths are the answer to everything! Being able to soak in hot water and oils helps to make exfoliation easier and hydrates areas like the feet and hands (which house the thickest skin on the body). I like to add things like grapeseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, tangerine essential oil and whatever else I have around the house and soak for about 30min before scrubbing my feet of any dead skin. If you are opposed to baths, you can invest in an at home pedicure spa thing.

2. To prevent any flaking and crusties, hydration is a must. I try to stay away from products that are too thick or greasy. A few of my favs are  ha3 Hand Hydrator from Deciem and “First Place” Body Shimmer Oil by jKo Cosmetics. Yes, I use a hand hydrator on my feet but this is a judgement free zone so no worries! 🙂 Both these products smell and feel amazing! The body shimmer is usually reserved for special occasions.

3. Pedicures are a must! We put our feet through hell (and heels) on the daily so maintenance is crucial. Some people prefer to do them at home and that’s okay but I prefer to have a professional to get all in the nooks and the crannies while i sip green tea in a massage chair. The only real advice I have about getting pedicures at salons is make sure they use plastic liners in the tubs EVERY SINGLE TIME and clean their tools BEFORE they work on you! I would have for you to wake up to nubs or deadly infections because of something like cleanliness.


WTF is natural?

I have been gone for a while and I come to you writing with fresh eyes on various beauty topics. One particular thing has been bothering me for a while. What exactly does “natural” mean??

In my time away from you guys, I have sold over $2,000 in revenue as part of my vegan skin care line, Ara By Essence, traveled a little more, read a lot more and become a brand ambassador for a global beauty brand (I’ll tell you guys a little more about it later). All of which has affected the way I view beauty and the lengths that humans go through to feel physically beautiful. While my philosophy for beauty has not changed (less is still more), my understanding has definitely graduated. In my new role as beauty ambassador, I am often asked “Is this line natural?”. I think that what we (people concerned about overall wellness and ingredients) should be asking is if products are toxic instead.

There are plenty of natural ingredients out there that aren’t productive to overall wellness and skin balance. Things like essential oils, coconut oils, hard clay masks and apple cider vinegar are all natural but can throw off our skins natural functions by way of clogging pores, enlarging pores and messing up our pH balance. Being educated on what your own skin “likes” is not enough. As much as we love to hear that our favorite beauty product has some shit in it that comes from a tree, all “natural” products are not created equal!

Some natural ingredients that can be harmful to the skin (especially easily irritated and dry skin) include lavender, eucalyptus, witch hazel, peppermint, lemon, lime, bergamot, arnica.