SAY NO! Protect Your Glow

If you’ve followed me for a while, you are absolutely aware that my approach to skin care (and overall wellness) is being gentle with the skin. This means not doing anything that would disrupt the acid mantle of my skin. The acid mantle is the outermost layer of the skin that protects it from any bacterias and potential invaders. Moral of the mantle is, it keeps the dirties out. Being that it is so important to skin health, I want to do everything within my power to keep it intact. So here’s a list of things to avoid that could disrupt and/or destroy your acid mantle.

  • Drying Alcohols– drying alcohols wear away at the acid mantle and make the skin vulnerable to infection and overproduction of oil
  • Peel-off masks– masks that dry hard and peel from the face not only hurt like hell to take off but they can make the pores appear larger
  • Nair– it falls under the category of chemical depilatory which means which means it is highly alkaline (unlike the natural state of the skin) so… NOPE!
  • Shaving– call it dermaplaning or whatever you want… it is shaving. Those little vellus hairs (yes, they have a name) are the equivalent of a wire fence for your acid mantle
  • Microneedling- poking holes in my face with needles? Blood? Need I saw more?
  • Mineral Oil– check all your products and if they have mineral oil in them, burn them. Or just throw them in the garbage. Although it softens the skin, it does clog the pores and increase water loss in the skin. Water loss speeds up aging
  • Face Scrubs– anything with granules on the skin that is meant to exfoliate usually does not. Instead, it scratches at the acid mantle and makes the skin raw. Step away from the St.Ives ladies!
  • Lemon Instagram hobbyists will lead you to believe that lemon juice on the face is a great lightener and exfoliator. It is actually too acidic for the face.
  • Vaseline– Its derived from petroleum… like the stuff we put in cars. Also, uses paraffin wax which is bad for your skin in the exact same way as mineral oil. It is also horrible for the environment
  • Facial Brushes Similar to face scrubs, they can wear away at the acid mantle. Aside from that, they hold bacteria and makeup.

The Good Brow

Everyone has that one eyebrow that never lets them down… the one that doesn’t misbehave and let’s you fill it in perfectly (even on the days when you’re running late for work). Well this is an appreciation piece for that good brow. Let us take a moment to identify areas in which our not so good brow can learn and grow from the example that her sister (not her twin) sets. Let us learn to love and appreciate them as the individuals they are. Understanding that we must do our best to allow them to be themselves and not shape them into arches they are not meant for. This is not only unflattering to them, but also to the pallet that is the face. But in all seriousness-shout outs to the good brow! 

Here are a few tips for you to create the brows of your dreams:

1. Find the appropriate color and medium for the brow you want. For example, those who want a natural look should use a brow pencil as opposed to a powder or pomade. It creates subtle strokes that look like hairs as opposed to a harsh line. For more bold, dramatic brows, you should use a pomade to outline and the desired shape and a powder to fill it in. Some of my go to brow products are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade and Duo Brush #12. The angular brush helps me to create any shape I desire (bold or natural). Also, I could probably never do without my European Wax Center “Sucha Tweeze” Slant Tweezers. The quality and shape of the tweezers allow a more precise and effective grip. 

2.The most common thing I hear from my clients is their desire to grow out their brows. The best advice I can give for this is leave them alone! This means you’ll go through an ugly duckling phase when you have sparse little hairs that won’t look as polished as you’re used to. That’s part of the growing process you have to live with. Also, try to avoid putting heavy oils that you heard will help grow your brows back. They usually just create congestion and ingrowns in the brow area.

3.If you want good brows, see a professional. Every woman has an eyebrow horror story. Whether it was themselves or another (unqualified) individual who messed them up, it could’ve been prevented by simply booong an appointment with someone who can give you a proper consultation about the state of your brows and where you’d like to go with them.