Glow Therapy: Candid Conversations With A Skin Specialist

So I’m having an event in NYC! Think of it as a TEDtalk for all things beauty and wellness related. I’ll be breaking down the functions of the skin, how you can get the most out of your seasonal skin care routines & much more. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have about beauty (even professional questions). The best part is you will receive a free skin consultation from me as well! I hope to see all your beautiful faces there ❤ I’m so excited to meet you!

Here’s the link!


Yoga Bones

I have always loved low intensity workouts. There is something deeply satisfying to my body about feeling my joints and muscles  move and separate cohesively with my breath. That makes yoga the ideal workout for me. Although I have always been interested in it, I found myself too shy to practice in a class setting. You could say it was nerves or fear of not being able to keep up with the rest of the class. What I think I really needed was a partner. Someone to go with that made my anxious ass feel more comfortable. That person came in the form of my friend/coworker and fellow esthetician, Andrea. She is the proactive, positive, and cool as hell friend every girl needs. She found Harlem Yoga Studio which offers great deals for potential yogis that find themselves lacking the funds for ritzy (and sometimes ineffective) yoga classes. 

We took a beginners class with instructor Sarah Snider. She was quirky yet committed. My goal is to strengthen my body and possibly elimate the many aches I have from a combinations of scoliosis and standing all day at work. Andrea’s goal is to help strengthen her lower back and knees. After today’s hour long class, we walked out feeling grounded and renewed. She said some of the chronic pains she deals with already felt relieved. I feel elongated. I’m standing a little straighter and more conscious of areas of my body that I previously ignored. Basically, we both feel good as f*ck!! We will be returning. I hope to make yoga a part of my lifestyle. 

At one point in the class, Sarah (our instructor) had us lay flat and breathe mindfully. As I laid there with my mind racing from person to place to obligation, she said “now thank that thought for coming and let it go”. And I did. I realize that there are so many thoughts in life we hold onto that do not need to sit with us. Being able to allow them to pass through my mind is a skill I would love to develop. Wish me luck! lol 

Five Benefits of Practicing Yoga

•increases blood circulation

•improves respiration 

•improves athletic performance 

•helps with weight loss 

•prevents joint breakdown 

Let’s Play A Game!

For the holiday season, I will be doing an NYC sticker hunt! This means that if you see one of my stickers around NYC, post a pic, and tag me in it @tribecalled_ess you will receive a free holiday gift courtesy of yours truly! Keep your eyes peeled in areas like Harlem, LES, Midtown, TriBeca, SoHo, Washington Heights, and the West Village! Happy holidays & Happy hunting! 

Thank you for all the support!