Major VAGINA Key Alert

In a typical work day, I see at least 10-15 vaginas. No, I’m not a peeping Tom or a gynecologist. I’m an esthetician. Part of my job is remove hair from the body with wax. This also means I deal with a lot of insecurities and concerns from my clients about things like the look, smell, or presentation of their vaginas. Many of the women (sometimes born male) that lay on my table have just been stumbling through life not knowing how to care for their vaginas. Most of them do not even know how it works. Here’s a few MAJOR things you should be doing to keep it cool, calm, and collected down there.

  1. Let its do its thing: this means as little picking & primping as possible. And absolutely NO DOUCHING. None of those flowery ass scented soaps because your vagina is not supposed to smell like a Victoria’s Secret perfume section. Its supposed to smell like you. Just warm water will do when it comes to cleaning it.
  2. Treat it like you treat your face: I say this in regards to skin care. Moisturize your vagina daily. Let it breathe. Exfoliate the bikini area once a week. Be sure that whatever products you’re using are non comedogenic (dont clog your pores). That means NO OILS WHATSOEVER!!!! My go to products for vaginal skin care are European Wax Center’s Ingrown Hair Serum as well as their Body Exfoliate.
  3. The garden effect: I call this last one the garden effect because I have no idea what else to call it. Take care of your vagina by creating conditions by which it can thrive (as you would a garden). Drink a lot of water. Eat foods that help cleanse it. Give it light/fresh air. As trendy as it seems to wear PINK and Calvin Klein’s to bed, your vagina will not thank you for it.

I hope these tips help your box shine bright like a diamond ❤ Chow