The Pu**y Peel

As you may or may not know, vaginal care is important to me. Why? Because myself and some of my favorite people have vaginas. They’re pretty awesome but having one is like having a part-time job you never applied for but keep just because you need to make ends meet. Between GYN appointments, waxing, shaving (yuck!), periods and child birthing… it’s like WTF?! When does it end? Not today.

I did some extra shit to my vagina earlier that was amazing and you need to hear about and/or experience! I got a chemical peel on my vag to help with ingrowns, exfoliation and brightening. I have tried a few different brands of peels on my face. All of them were busts. I did not like the tingling/burning sensations or the weeks of dehydrated skin that ensued. The reason I was willing to try again with my vagina was because my ingrowns have gotten worse due to the cold season and the fact that my waxing schedule has changed.

Fortunately for me, one of my very best esthetician friends referred me to Baire in Hell’s Kitchen. They use PCA chemical peels, which have been around for over 20 years. PCA is a science based brand complete with pH balanced products for every day and professional use. They are very education oriented. I love the company philosophy mainly because they offer so many options in peels that otherwise can be very harsh and intimidating.

My appointment was with a lovely woman named Marina. She was pleasant and gentle. We chatted about our shared reservations regarding other brands of peels and direct acids. Because I am completely comfortable busting it open on medical tables, my service was quick and easy (about 25 minutes). Although I did not experience any discomfort, burning or stinging, it is a possibility with others. Luckily for me, Marina was nice enough to check in and make sure I was okay.

So far, my bikini area feels smoother and softer. My ingrowns are a bit more apparent and I am trying my best to not pick them out just yet. The bikini peel service is priced at $75 and recommended to do every 4-6 weeks. I will most likely be doing 6 sessions so that I will see desired results. I want my skin to be completely recovered from all those years of shaving!

I’ll keep you posted 🙂


From Me, To You

I literally always get asked the same few questions about skin. How to even/brighten skin and fade dark spots is the most common one. Most women resort to harmful chemicals or strong peels that are not suited for their skin type. I got sick and tired of hearing horror stories and seeing chemical burns. I got sick and tired of not having a good product to recommend. So I created one! 

Ara by Essence (Yes, Me!) is a natural, vegan skin care system that uses fruit acids to deeply exfoliate skin, leaving it brighter and even toned. It consists of two products (an exfoliating peel and a hydration masque). It’s safe for all skin types and can be incorporated into any skin routine. It is also safe for use on the body. It is available for purchase at Ara by Essence

Benefits of Enzyme Peels

  • Loosen and removes dead skin cells
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Diminish marks, age spots, discoloration 
  • Deeply cleanses pores