Coming Soon: Mask Mondays!

You know what pisses me off? Seeing tutorials and skin care vids of women with beat faces sparingly applying mask products to their face. As if they are completely unaware that the skin around their brows, mouth and eyes also needs to be tended to. After providing these women with one too many views, I have decided that I will begin a weekly Periscope broadcast featuring myself and some of my fav masks and other products. Those tuning in will be able to ask me health, beauty and wellness questions. So you’ve got a week to download the app and follow. Can’t wait to see you there!

Not into livestreams and such? No problem! I’ll bring the best questions, suggestions and ideas here for your consumption.


PSA: Beware of Nair 

Please stop using Nair

Please stop using Nair

Please stop using Nair 

If you have in your adult life used Nair hair removal products, you are making a major mistake. A mistake that could easily be avoided. A mistake I spend my professional and personal life trying to prevent unknowing women from making. Often times, they are lured in by the promise of smooth skin, no ingrown hairs and no razor bumps. What they fail to tell you is that you can suffer chemical burns and far worse from this product. Nair is in no way good for your skin or body- especially when used in reproductive areas!  

Lye is one of the active ingredients in Nair. It loosens the hair from the follicle by distrusting (raising) the pH levels of the hair. It literally is dissolving the bond. Lye can cause serious chemical burns and blindness. If you’ve ever seen the Malcolm X movie starring Denzel Washington, lye is the shit that made him stick his head in the toilet. 

Lately, I have been seeing a trend on social media among young and I assume unprofessional makeup artists/hobbyists doing their eyebrows with Nair. As previously stated lye can cause blindness. Putting Nair on your eye area is dangerous af! The skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of the skin on your face (besides your lips) which means those harsh chemicals are not only going into your pores but they are wearing away at the already thin skin around your eyes. Many of the girls can be seen on Instagram with redness and lots of irritation in the eye area. These are burns and allergic reactions that they will then cover with makeup. 

At work, I see many women who suffer from severe chemical burns in their vaginal areas, legs, stomachs and underarms. Most of the time, they sum it up to ingrowns or razor burns. My first question is usually “Have you used Nair?”. Their answer is usually Yes. The burns are usually irreversible and you are also left with worn skin that is unhealthy. That increases your risk for sun damage and makes your skin more sensitive to pain.

For the safety of your reproductive system, sweat glands, skin, vision, hair health and overall wellbeing, I beg you ladies … please do not use Nair! 

Period Talk

So it’s been established that pads and tampons are bad. The bazar part is, we don’t know exactly how bad they are for you because the companies you love like Playtex, Always, etc. are not required to let consumers know what their sanitary products are made of. How come? Because they are classified as medical equipment. Yes, I know what you’re thinking… if you can’t use tampons and pads then how will you stop your vag from bleeding all over the place during that time of month? 

There are alternatives such as organic/natural/eco friendly pads. If you would like to be adventurous you could experiment with the a Diva Cup which is a little cup-like device (hence the name) that you insert in the vagina. It catches the blood, you remove it after a certain amount of hours dependent on the heaviness of your flow, rinse it then reinsert. I’ve tried it. IT WAS A DAMN MESS! There was blood everywhere …from my hands to the walls smh. It was also very uncomfortable to insert it. I couldn’t get it in the proper position so after a day of sitting home trying to get it right, I gave up. However, I do know some women who swear by it. 

My own personal favorite alternative is the Thinx period underwear. If you live in NYC, you probably (briefly) saw their controversial advertisements that were taken down because they used the word “period” to refer to …periods. 

They’re made of a comfortable, breathable material for all the ladies out there who experience a little excess sweating during their lady time. They’re easy to clean and ACTUALLY WORK! I don’t know about you but i do not have a nice, delicate period. Mine is relentless… a beast in the night. Since using the underwear, I have not had any spills. I highly recommend them. Right now, Thinx is having a sale. You should get them in your life. They are worth it. 

Self Care = Self Love

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good (or bad) crop top in the summer. Something about the hot sun beating down on my brown belly just makes me feel… powerful lol. One day, while riding in the elevator of my mother’s building, a neighbor (an older black woman) looked at my bare stomach and asked “Please tell me how you get your stomach flat like that!”. Me being the shy and goody ass person I am grins and tells her the truth “I don’t eat meat, try to stay away from processed foods, don’t eat much dairy, and drink lots of water”. She looked extremely disappointed. As if she wanted me to tell her which brand of SkinnyTea and waist trainer I wore. Her response was a dry “See that’s too much! I love my chicken and pork too much.” That women went on to die of a heart attack that very same evening. I’m lying. She’s probably still alive eating fried chicken with her bonnet on as we speak. That is neither here nor there.

To me, self care is equivalent to self love. The method(s) by which you care for the vessel that is your body says a lot about what you think about yourself and your own purpose. For example, if you believe your purpose is to be a runner, you will train and nourish your body in a manner that allows you to be the most efficient runner on the track. Bring to mind a purpose for your own body. What is it that you could do to prepare yourself for that purpose?

My point is, if you want to be the best version of yourself, there are no shortcuts. All of the work must be done from the inside out because life/change occurs in that very same motion. All change begins in the mind. My personal approach to beauty is the very same: from the inside out. Here, I will be sharing and exploring with you the world of beauty through some new and some old trends/traditions. You can ask me questions about anything (even if its not related to beauty). I’ll be sharing some of my favorite routines and products with you as well 🙂